About B2Engineering

B2Engineering LLC was founded in 2007 by Bo Bowman with the goal to provide reliable cost-effective engineering solutions with a focus on client’s needs. Working closely with our clients, B2Engineeering is able to provide a personalized level of service and cater to their specific needs, maintaining a high standard of technical expertise and practical experience.

Mr. Bowman, a licensed Professional Engineer in Oregon and Washington,  a Certified Environmental Manager in Nevada, and a Steel Tank Institute (STI) SP-001 Inspector, brings over 20 years of experience in the fields of chemical, mechanical, civil, and environmental engineering.  Project experience includes capital improvement projects for natural gas compressor stations and transmission lines, permitting, upgrades to spill prevention concrete containment, above and belowground tanks code compliance design, storm water needs, over 20 SPCC plan/reviews, and over 300 AST evaluations/inspections. 

Mr. Bowman’s philosophy is to manage hazardous materials and waste to reduce client liability and improve worker safety and environmental stewardship.

“Keeping Chemicals Where They Belong”.