Project Management

B2Engineering has the tools and experience to make your project a success.  Focusing on the core metrics of scope, quality, duration, and budget, B2E will help define your project and gain acceptance for all Stakeholders. 

A successful project requires planning, communications, and agreement from the parties involved.  B2E has helped clients to define their projects, developing proposals, contracts, work scope documents, design criteria, budget, job estimates, and subcontractor’s agreements. B2E can help client’s project managers manage active projects by producing deliverables to accomplish their jobs. i.e. Org charts, project schedules, budget tracking, forecasting, meeting notes, agendas,  power point presentations, and other required project support documentation.

By the nature of being a project the work has unknowns and risks.  Let B2E help reduce the unknowns by identifying risks prior to start, clear communication of goals, establishing roles and responsibilities for parties involved, and providing a solid road map to be followed for a successful project.